The success of a site depends not simply on its actual content, but on the entire user experience and the latter can be tremendously affected by the network connection to the machine in which the site is hosted. An excellent site will do no good if, for instance, a few individuals can browse it very quick, but the channel capacity is low, so other site visitors must wait and are not able to load anything, or if everyone can reach the site, but the overall network speed is lower, so it takes a minute to open a page, let alone to load a sizable image or a video. The network capacity is a component which may have a significant effect on your Internet site, so it is something you should give some thought to when you decide where to host your sites. High throughput and access speeds will ensure fast loading websites and more satisfied website visitors.

2.5 Gbit Network Connectivity in Shared Website Hosting

By buying a shared website hosting account from our company, you can take full advantage of multi-gigabit connectivity and enjoy speedy and consistent site performance. A number of Internet Service Providers and direct fiber routes to major urban centers across 3 continents guarantee that your visitors won't have any difficulties opening your Internet site and that they can view your content as quickly as their own Internet connection permits them to. The traffic between the servers that are part of our avant-garde cloud platform, as well as the whole incoming/outgoing traffic, is addressed by new highly effective switches, routers and hardware firewalls. The network in each one of the three data centers we use is redundant as a failsafe against any unforeseen issue, so the sites hosted on our machines will be reachable all of the time.